Vacation is Over

To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question. I have no idea how to do this, why to do this or even if anyone is remotely interested in anything I might have to say. I told myself I'm going to think of this as a form of journaling. I'm terrible at writing my thoughts on paper, it always seems to be an idea too far from my mind. So maybe I'll be better at this, maybe I won't.

I was on vacation last week with the plans to take the kids somewhere for their school break. Instead, we stayed at home trying our best to keep dry. There has been a lot of work going on on the outside of our house, paint and a new roof. We've spent a ton of money on that, which left nothing for Vacay. So the kids watched entirely too much TV, played too much on their devices, did tons of fighting while I built a website and wished away the rain. We managed to have some fun. We had lots of dinners with friends, rode bikes, had playdates, spent a fortune on indoor rock climbing. Not all was lost, some fun was certainly had but am I thankful for the return of school and a normal routine today. This Monday also brings the return of work to my life. I have been off for nearly three weeks now and have enjoyed it thoroughly. When I have stretches of time off like that I get really used to my routine at home and can't fathom the thought of adding flying into this insane schedule. Eventually, the time to fly comes back around and I put my head down and just do it. I'm always fine once I get there, and find that I actually enjoy the break from a kid routine. I enjoy talking with adults, not hearing momma five thousand times or listening to incessant tattling. It's something new and as long as the mothering continues to far outweigh the flying, I am happy. I'm lucky for the great uneven balance of stay-at-home mothering and flying. I wouldn't want to do anything else, except take pictures that is. Now to see if I can find a good shot for my 365 project today...always with my phone while I'm working (like the shot above) but I still try to get a good image to include in the project. Oh, and Delta is hiring BTW so if you want to come fly with me let me know!