Hey, hey Vacay!

I've been a LOT of places- benefit of the job. Downside of the job is my inability to see much of these places. So, yes, I can tick a lot of boxes on your Facebook survey, I sadly can't tell you much about them. Hence one of the reasons I'm really looking forward to this trip. I've been to Denver more times than I can count, and have actually spent time on longer layovers downtown. It never thrills me much and I loathe the airport for some reason- no judgement necessary, ha! Despite my complaints, Colorado remains very high on Jeff's list of places he loves. Now don't be fooled into thinking I can do that place in the winter- snow and I do not mix well. But give me warmer temps, green grass with hikes to be had, water to be splashed in, biergartens for socializing and I will find myself onboard! We're spending a few days in Denver, then on to Breckenridge for five days. My favorite person in the world (Ashley Stein of course) is meeting us there with her fam and we plan to have a blast. Cousin time, pool time, beer time, outdoor time- sign me up! Funny enough, our plan had been to drive to Breckenridge via Dallas. We'd meet up with Ashley and caravan the rest of the way. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, rather) the universe had a different plan for us. On Tuesday our van transmission decided to go kaputt. Not without two weeks time in the shop and $3600, will our jalopy be ready to do anything. Since the alternative was to pack all five of us and our sh*@ into a VW Alltrack, while listening to three children try to murder each other in the back for collectively 24 hours, we brilliantly decided to fly instead. I know I just added a few more years to my life (and my marriage) by making this choice.

Our return trip brings us back through Dallas for a week stay at Ashley's new (or 112 year old) farmhouse in the boondocks, I mean country! I will no doubt have chigger bites in places never seen by the light of day, but I will itch my who-ha alongside my BFF and all will be right with the world! In the meantime, enjoy some photos the girls and I took when a senior session was rescheduled and I wanted to put the flowers I bought to good use.