Oh Amazon, May I Please Forget My Password!

If you're anything like me (or most of America) you probably have a slight Amazon addiction. I buy things I need, I buy things I don't need. I buy things I think I might need and then forget I have them. It's problematic, no doubt. On occasion, however, I buy something I love and feel the need to share. Take this dress as prime example. Did I need it? No. Did I use it? Sure did- twice in fact. I have clothed two beautiful teenage girls in this pretty dress and, with their help, created some pretty fabulous images in it. My intent initially was to use it on a pregnant model. Problem was I used it on these two teenagers first and then felt the need to buy something new for the maternity shoot. Funny how those things happen. In a future post I can share my resource for those maternity dresses- a different, slightly smaller obsession I have.

The dress comes in several colors, I chose beige. I also went with a size medium. I needed it to fit a pregnant lady after all, and to my surprise it was small enough to fit two tiny teenagers, yet would have been roomy enough to cover a baby bump- win/win. If it was going to be used strictly on teen girls I would have opted for the small, but the medium offers nice size diversity. Another thing I like about this dress is its length- not too long to trip over but long enough to get some good movement out of the skirt. The fabric is lightweight and cool, but also not too cheapy. It washes and travels well, and best of all, for the price you'll never have to worry about getting it too dirty while traipsing through the woods in it. This dress and all its goodness is yours for $32.99- that's if you buy just one. I'm currently trying to decide which color I want next. Suggestions always welcome! Check it our for yourself here.