Boys Matter Too

I know I show a lot of pretty pictures of girls. I'm the first to admit that I love a flowing dress paired with some awesome hair and a natural setting. A sweet girl twirling in said dress, in said field, with blowing said hair captures my heart every time. The combination thereof makes for some gorgeous images- ones I'd shoot all day if I could. But I know there are senior boys out there too, and I know that not all of them loathe having their pictures taken. Take this senior boy for instance. I asked his mom how much he'd tolerate, cause truth be told I could press that trigger without any consideration of how much time has passed. I can wear out the spunkiest of teenage girls. So when it comes to boys I know there is a threshold for posing, location changes, outfit changes, chin up chin down etc etc, and I don't want to be the one to cross that threshold. This senior's mom assured me he was tolerant, easy going and actually into the idea of taking pictures, so I pushed him. We drove to three locations, wore 5 outfits and shot over 1800 images. I think the total time spent shooting was roughly two hours, and he held firm til the end. The result- some freaking awesome images of one very patient and extremely handsome senior. So you see, I can shoot the boys. I like to shoot the boys- even the ones reluctant to don a flowing dress and twirl in a field. More importantly, I make it fun for these guys. I pride myself on making them comfortable and the whole experience pleasurable. After all, life is too short to waste your time torturing teenagers!