Final Fall Push

It's October, can you believe that? While it might not feel like fall in Georgia, the calendar confirms that it really is, as do the slight changing of the leaves I'm seeing. Halloween will be here in a few short weeks, snap your fingers and it's Thanksgiving, blink your eyes and it's Christmas. It all happens so fast!

I started early with minis this year. September dates have been and gone. One weekend was a rainout and the other brought moderate temps and sunshine. We used The Vine Photography Venue and I think it worked out perfectly. The kids liked seeing the chickens and playing on the tree swing. I liked being able to see everyone drive in and knowing that no one had to walk very far to find me. Even better, the Kincaid families loved knowing that Mr. Furr lived there! We even had a real-life Mr. Furr spotting! With that being said, let's do it there again.

November dates will happen on the 7th and 14th- 3:30, 4, 4:30 & 5. $200 will cover the twenty minute session and your choice of five, professionally edited digital files. Of course, the option to purchase additional files and/or prints is always there. A $50 non-refundable (except for the case of a rainout) deposit is due at sign-up, the balance can be paid day of the shoot. You can bring up to 6 people for minis sessions- please no pets.

While the Vine is a beautiful place, sadly it can not quite compete with the mountains of Utah, where I was lucky enough to shoot these photos. If anyone would like to make a trip to Utah and incorporate a family session in the midst of that glorious topography, I am game! Just putting that out there. In the meantime, we will settle for something much closer to home.