It's Almost Senior Year

As a parent, I know you are shaking your head in disbelief that this year is already upon you. Maybe it's your first senior and you're in such denial and shock that you haven't even begun to think about what needs to be done in order to begin this final year of high school. Or perhaps, it's your last baby to graduate and you know the drill, but your heart is tender and having a hard time accepting the fact that your last child will soon be leaving the nest. Whatever the case might be, this is a new and exciting, very much anticipated year for your teen and they are looking forward to all of the things that go with that.

A good tip-off point is to start thinking about those senior photos! Get this checked off your list early- before the heat of the south swallows us whole! Begin thinking about outfits (cause I know that is a tumultuous job for mom and child to share), a location you might have in mind and a Photographer you'd like to use (hmmmmm...I do believe I have a good rec for you). Ironing out all these details can take a little time, so no time like the present to begin. Plus, choose me and I am here to help every step of the way! I'll take some of the burden of clothing & location selection off your plate. I'm happy to risk my life as the middle man, and coordinate directly with your willing to throw me a life line though, ha! I even have a few things in my client closet to consider- hopefully save you a few dollars. Whatever the case, however finicky the teen, I am here to help you down this road of senior parenthood. You've got this, mom!